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AccuWeather forcasts six tropical storm landfalls for 2006

Sources: [1][2]

STATE COLLEGE, PA, May 15, 2006- The Hurricane Center, led by Chief Forecaster Joe Bastardi, today released its 2006 hurricane season forecast. An active hurricane season appears imminent, which could have major repercussions for the U.S. economy and the one in six Americans who live on the Eastern Seaboard or along the western Gulf of Mexico.

Areas of Very High risk:

  • Atlantic coasts of Upper South Carolina and North Carolina
  • Atlantic coasts of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

Areas of High risk:

  • Gulf coast of Texas
  • South Florida
  • Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Nova Scotia

Areas of Moderate risk:

  • Gulf coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
  • Middle section of Florida
  • Atlantic coast near the border between Georgia and South Carolina

Area with Low risk:

  • Gulf coast of Florida Panhandle

Early in the season, June-July, the Texas Gulf coast is at greatest risk.

Mid-season, July-August, the south Atlantic coast is at greatest risk.

Late season, mid-August into early October, the north Atlantic coast is at greatest risk.

Added Ken Reeves, AccuWeather's Director of Forecast Operations, "This is not to say that hard-hit New Orleans has nothing to worry about. Because the city's defenses have been so compromised by Hurricane Katrina, even a glancing blow from a hurricane elsewhere could spell trouble for the city." Edit
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  • 2006 Hurricane/Tropical Data for Atlantic
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Direct Hits
                 1900-2004    2005
Florida             64          2
Texas               38          1
North Carolina      29
Louisiana           27          2
South Carolina      16
Alabama             12
Mississippi          9          1
New York             9
Connecticut          8
Massachusetts        6
Georgia              5
Maine                5
Rhode Island         5
Virginia             5
New Hampshire        2
Maryland             1
New Jersey           1
Delaware             0

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Major Hurricanes (Cat. 3-5) to Hit U.S. Coast
(Texas to Maine) from 1900-2005
Jun    Jul    Aug    Sep   Oct   Total
 2      3      18     39    9     68

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 The Deadliest Hurricanes in The United States (1900-2005)
 Storm* 		At Landfall 	Deaths
 1900 Galveston TX 	Cat. 4 	        6,000
 1928 Lake Okeechobee FL Cat. 4 	1,836
 2005 Katrina (LA/MS/AL) Cat. 3 	1,300
 1919 Florida Keys** 	Cat. 4 		  900
 1938 New England 	Cat. 3 		  600
 1935 Florida Keys 	Cat. 5 		  408
 1957 Hurricane Audrey 	Cat. 4 		  390
 1944 Northeast US 	Cat. 3 		  390
 1909 Grand Isle LA 	Cat. 4 		  350
 1915 New Orleans LA 	Cat. 4 		  275
 1915 Galveston TX 	Cat. 4 		  275
 1969 Hurricane Camille Cat. 5 		  256
 1926 Miami FL 		Cat. 4 		  243
 1972 Hurricane Agnes 	Cat. 1 		  122
 * All hurricanes in 2004 caused 60 deaths and 
    played a role in 92 additional deaths.
 ** Estimates range from 600 to 900.
 Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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