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Wildlife rescues, sanctuaries & rehabilitators Edit

Wolfdog hybrid resources Edit

Admin notes: This link list avoids breeders selling wolfdog hybrids for profit. If a link does include a breeder who sells wolfdog hybrids, add a comment to the item and it will be checked out. ACT does not endorse wolves or wolf hybrids as pets.
  • WolfDog Yahoo! Group for Wolfdogs / Wolf hybrids. Their care, breeding, rescue, legislation or almost anything else pertaining to wolf hybrids.

Wolf sanctuaries, refuges & preserves Edit

See Wolfdog hybrid resources above for additional wolf sanctuaries.

  • Wild Canid Survival and Research Center Eureka, MO 63025 - The Wild Canid Center is located on 63 isolated wooded acres within Washington University's Tyson Research Center approximately 20 miles southwest of St. Louis, Missouri.

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